Conferences & Launches

New product or premise launch, a sales conference, a well hosted cocktail party, dinner evening or extravaganza can make a huge positive impression.  We create an inspirational atmosphere and design (if required) the collateral, promo favours & entertainment to create ‘lift off’.

Awards & Dinners

We set the scene for you and your guests from entry to departure.  Whether you require the full bells & whistles with entertainment & music or a humble dinner with a key speaker, we have you covered. Engage and inspire your guests with our creations.

Corporate Sport Days

Network relationships over golf, reward the deserving troops & create a social yearly event that keep your clients & staff talking. We can create an exclusive and enjoyable day personalised to your company and message with scorecards, signage, drink carts, catering stations, promo staff & after game celebrations & awards.

Corporate Gifts & Promo Favours

Corporate promo favours & gifts not only bring a little joy & glamour, but also show recognition to clients & staff.  We supply your classics along with unique and personally created gifts to really connect, communicate a message or simply ‘blow their minds’ with creativity :)

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Why host an event?

An event is a great opportunity for your business to gain exposure. You can promote your business and market to your audience without overtly selling. The better the event you host, the more your company will be remembered.

Or you just might want to have a good old party for you and the crew!

Whatever your needs are, we're here to help.

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